Super Bowl XLIX – Mophie

I always knew working at Deutsch would eventually lead to Super Bowl commercials, they made the best one ever for christ’s sake!

Mophie came to Deutsch with one request – Win the Super Bowl. Sure, why not? They wanted BIG. They wanted EPIC. They wanted Michael Bay and  Roland Emmerich’s love child. So that’s what we gave them.

The only last minute hiccup was Apple not wanting their iPhone’s associated with dying batteries (go figure…). They were cool with it right up until a week before the game. So we had to swap out any resemblance to apple and make the phones generic. Luckily we made it right before the deadline and everything turned out great.

Live Mas

One of the awesome things about working at Deutsch LA is getting to work with their impressive client roster. Volkswagen? Target? Dr. Pepper? I’ll post work with them later. For now I want to talk about my favorite* fast food chain, Taco Bell.

I got to help make these two spots for the launch of their Dollar Cravings Menu, as well as a third spot launching their new mobile app.

First up – the full 30.

The animated 15

And the Mobile App Launch

The mobile app is extra cool because not only did I come up with “Get.The.App”, but was able to stick a little easter egg in there for all you Taco Bell nuts. Did you see it? No? You have no idea what I’m talking about? Okay… A number of months ago Taco Bell ran a campaign making fun of other burger joints that make burritos. It was called #thatsLike. I was lucky enough to illustrate and animate a number of them, one of which is in the spot. Hmm… maybe I’ll write about that project next…

Shoot, while I’m at it… I animated the end card on this guy, too.

*no joke though, TB really is my favorite fast food place despite living next door to a McDonalds for the last seven years. Seriously… it’s weird. Three moves, 2 states, and I’m still next to those damn golden arches.

Untying the Knot

Some people marry while others, well, play house. Either way, sometimes things don’t turn out as planned which is what this show is about.

Bravo came knocking and my team at Monkeyhead created this cool open, as well as all the on air graphics, for their new show, Untying the Knot.

Here’s a little write up about the process.

This project had a bit of everything. We shot the doll house and all the props practically, while adding the hero dolls in post. And speaking of the hero dolls… I had a bit of fun choosing clothing for them, as evident below.

I’ve also included the animatic for your viewing pleasure!