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New Website and Short Film!

It’s been quite a busy few months since we last spoke. Not much has changed, I’ve just been crazy busy with work, which I’ll start to highlight as the summer goes along.

First off, I updated my website! I realized that the picture I was using was from almost 10 years ago so I shot a new one (well, my wife shot it). One thing led to another and now my site is bigger and better than ever! The main things I updated were adding a section for all the boards I’d been working on, as well as a section highlighting the individual commercials that are scattered throughout my reel.

I’m eventually planning on updating this blog, most likely to a custom WordPress design, however I’m going to need a bit a help with that. Any takers out there??
The second and most cool bit of news is the completion of an animated short film I made for Monkeyhead! This is my first fully animated short I’ve actually completed since college and I must say it looks 100 times better.

I’m working on putting together a “making of” page, but what would you have to look forward to if I had that done already?