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Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel

Well, it was only a matter of time that my work with Disney would have some sort of Marvel crossover.

Originally the Disney Channel wanted to really push the style into the comic world with many of the design elements pulling directly from different comic books. They also wanted to try to incorperate a bit of Roy Lichtenstein in there as well.


I went through a number fo designs before everything eventually worked its way into the final look and feel, with subtle hints of comic elements and heavy, impactful text and colors.

Radio Disney Music Awards

One of the coolest projects I got to work on this year was the Radio Disney Music Awards.

Since Radio Disney had never done any broadcast work before we were given the freedom to have fun with it. Their only requirement was it had to be cooler than another branch of the Disney empire, which just had a recent rebrand. Nothing like some good old sibling rivalry, huh?

I whipped out my sketchpad for this one and went to town (actually, I drew most of these while on a couple of flights to and from Seattle). We came up with this buzzing tower that was driving all the information, with Ardy, the golden mickey statue, (Ardy = RD = Radio Disney… oh you clever marketing folks) being thrust up into the spotlight and eventually the stage of the awards show.

We went through a number of styles once the boards were approved, eventually settling on a mix between Tron, Oblivion and an Apple store. They really loved glowing lights over glossy white walls. The show had partnered with Vinylmation to make the actual award (the guys making the kid-robot knockoffs they sell in the Disney parks), and we worked closely with them to get the look of our statue just perfect.

the 3rd style was done by Blake Newton

That’s when everything just kinda blew up. In a good way, of course! They loved the spot so much that, in addition to airing on TV, they began airing it in Time Square. We even got an email from “Big Bob” (Bos Iger, the CEO of the entire Disney Company to us lay folk) saying how pleased he was with it. He complimented us for “promoting synergy between Disney and Vinylmation”. That’s not a joke, he literally said we were promoting synergy. I’m putting that on my resume, Jason Porter – Synergy Promoter. After that, they had us create the graphics for the actual awards show.

To top it off, we were given tickets to go to the show (and after party too!) The awards show was pretty cool, having never been to a red carpet hollywood event, I was pretty excited about the whole thing. And just when I didn’t think this whole project could get any cooler, the opening dance number/video that kicked the show off was completely based off the animation I did of Ardy putting his headphones on. It was a surreal moment seeing the Biebs dance to my animation. Jason Porter – Choreographer to the Stars.

TruTV Rebrand: Actuality Check

A couple of months ago we started a rebranding for TruTV. They wanted something was going to be more fun with a bit of silliness, all while keeping the serious tone of their shows. Sounds confusing, right?

The first aspect was to redesign their “Actuality Check”… kind of like their version of Pop Up Video from VH1 back in the day. They loved the first set of boards I made and let me plow on through to what you see now!

I did all the 3D in Cinema 4D, which was a first. Not exactly my favorite program so far, but seeing as I’ll be using it for a while I might as well get used to it!

and the boards