Noah’s Nursery

Looks like my kid isalreadykindofabigdeal. Now if he would only get here. Seriously, his due date is 6 days away… what’s taking so long? Fashionably late… classic Noah.

But I digress… The wifey and I finished putting together Noah’s Mary Blair inspired nursery and it was featured on While we had an absolute blast creating everything, it was complete shock that someone wanted to blog about it, much less Disney blog about it!

Here’s where you can read the article, and here are some pictures I took of Noah’s Nursery.

You can see some of the process photos here, if you’re into that sort of thing.

In addition to Noah’s nursery being Disney themed, I also created our prego announcement along those lines and, well, I guess the mouse is out of the bag then, huh? Hello, my name is Jason and I really like Disney.

And yes, the those are the Mickey ears my wife and I bought on our honeymoon to DisneyWorld.


On the Third Day of Christmas…

This year’s christmas card was le hoot. As usual, these hens started out as sketches and eventually worked their way into vector goodness. I do wish it was four french hens, however, because my french maid hen was hilarious. Oh well… into the chest of forgotten sketches with you.

Also, after last year’s lament over not having enough time to do a bit of hand lettering for the back, I made sure I had enough time this year. I sketched out a few different versions, but eventually decided on this one because it was the only one that fit the layout. Next year… plan the lettering layout in advance!

Merry Christmas internet!

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