TruTV Rebrand: Animated Logos

The next bit of the TruTV rebrand was to provide some animated examples of their logo. The cited TBS and NBC as their inspiration. I was quite familiar with TBS’ branding, having loved their fun playful design that matches perfectly with their tag Very Funny. However, I was a bit concerned as to how that would translate over to TruTV’s more serious shows like Cops or even Police POV. Fortunately their love of NCB’s branding somewhat helped smooth out the spectrum of seriousness they wanted.

I first went with Wipeout, being far more familiar with that show than any other on their network. I mean, who doesn’t love a good hidden foam door to the face? I’m sure I’m not alone when I say my favorite obstacles are the Big Red Balls. Naturally, I made them part of my first treatment.

Next up was the more daunting task of tackling a serious show, like Police POV. I’d never seen that program before, but after watching a few clips I got the gist. We played around with a bunch of ideas at the studio, but everything kept coming back to seeing the TruTV logo in a line up. So we ran with it, throwing in a Police POV style camera, and here’s what we got.

TruTV Rebrand: Actuality Check

A couple of months ago we started a rebranding for TruTV. They wanted something was going to be more fun with a bit of silliness, all while keeping the serious tone of their shows. Sounds confusing, right?

The first aspect was to redesign their “Actuality Check”… kind of like their version of Pop Up Video from VH1 back in the day. They loved the first set of boards I made and let me plow on through to what you see now!

I did all the 3D in Cinema 4D, which was a first. Not exactly my favorite program so far, but seeing as I’ll be using it for a while I might as well get used to it!

and the boards