Disney Channel Graphics

Well, whadduyaknow, I finally got to work for Disney… kind of. I got to create graphics for Disney Channel’s winter package, and if you’ve watched anything on that channel over the past few months chances are you’ve seen my handiwork. While those snippets are too small to show as a one off here, they’ll most likely find their way into my next reel.

Meanwhile, I also got to do the graphics for two popular Disney Channel shows; Good Luck Charlie, and Wizards of Waverly Place.
These two spots were for the movie Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas! They involved encouraging the viewers to go online, vote for baby names, and play their many movie themed games.

It went on to became the most watched cable movie of 2011, which I’ll take complete credit for!

And here’s a quick look at one of the promos I worked on for the series finale of Wizards of Waverly Place, starring Selena Gomez.

I’m also taking credit for the record-breaking viewership…