Like an M-4

Who knew Med Student’s were so gangsta?

This was a labor of love for my wife’s med school. I recorded and mixed the song in Sound Booth, shot on a Cannon 5D, edited in Premiere, and did a bit of VFX and final color correction in After Effects.

I’m pretty pumped with the way it turned out, and the Medical student’s loved it!

3rd and Bird

One of the clips I did for 3rd and Bird, a children’s show on the BBC. This was by far the coolest After Effects project I’ve worked on! The set-up for these characters was so innovative, yet so simple in concept it was mind boggling.

NBA Playoffs 2011

Who needs dynamics? Not I, said the animator!

For one reason or another I animated all them dominoes by hand (well mostly, there are three shots that used dynamics – Hollywood sign @1:00, corner turn @1:27, and the logo @1:40).